MAKE invests in and develops innovative technology in high-impact industries, such as public health and blockchain.

Who We Are

Founded by industry veterans, Alex Kelly and Michael Steuer in 2016, MAKE is a product and technology firm, focused on developing innovative solutions for high-impact industries and verticals, including public health, blockchain and other big data applications.
Alex and Michael have previously run technology companies, serving in C-suite positions for 4 decades collectively, across numerous industries including gaming, entertainment, advertising, fintech, and mobile technology. The companies they led raised over $1B and the products they built have been used by tens of millions around the world.

MAKE's Innovation Network

Comprising a global team of 35 software engineers, designers and product experts, MAKE prioritizes product over technology, and function over form, in order to bring its clients’ visions to life as applications that are a delight to use.

MAKErs all around the world

Headquartered in the United States, MAKE has team members based in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, South Africa and Denmark. 

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