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Video: Mainstream Adoption

Michael Steuer, MAKE’s CTO & Co-founder, delves into the barriers hindering blockchain’s widespread adoption while highlighting MAKE’s developed products for the Casper Network. MAKE’s people-centric approach to Web3 products can help any blockchain project remove impediments to achieving mainstream usage.

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Case Study: Building the Casper Ecosystem

As a new Layer-1 Protocol, Casper Network needed an ecosystem built from the ground up. MAKE developed core infrastructure such as the block explorer, desktop and mobile wallets, and no-code creator tools, as well as adoption-focused products, such as a marketplace, and developer SDKs and APIs. 
With this, Casper has become one of the friendliest blockchains for users and developers alike., created by MAKE, is the most complete Block Explorer for developers, validators, delegators, and CSPR holders on the Casper blockchain. As such, it functions as the front door to the broader Casper ecosystem.

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Information at your fingertips presents users with a wealth of information about CSPR token metrics, including price charts, market data, and trading volumes. These real-time updates allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and make informed decisions when buying or selling CSPR tokens.

Gateway to Casper Network is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the Casper Network. With its user-friendly interface, real-time data, and advanced analytics, the platform equips users with the tools they need to navigate the network, make informed decisions, and actively participate in the Casper ecosystem.

View website solves onboarding for mass adoption of your Web 3 application by making it simple and intuitive for users to comprehend, while making it utterly easy for developers to implement.

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For Developers is a single SDK that serves as the backbone for dApp developers to effortlessly integrate with all supported wallets in the Casper ecosystem, drastically reducing time-to-market and integration costs, while eliminating ongoing maintenance costs. provides a dApp’s user with a familiar, Web2-style experience, ensuring maximum conversion of new users, and reducing bounce rates. allows developers to add Fiat on-ramping , social login and more to their applications, with one simple integration.

For Users

Built with Web2 user experience in mind, allows users to sign in to and switch between integrated dApps without having to establish new wallet connections.

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For Developers is an enterprise-grade middleware platform that provides access to indexed and enriched blockchain data, real-time streaming subscriptions, and access to reliable and maintained Casper nodes.
It allows developers to easily query and retrieve large amounts of data from the Casper Network, through a secure, scalable, reliable and performant interface.

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Network Integrations

The APIs include:
 - Indexed and normalized network data
 - Integrations with the existing fungible token and NFT standards
 - Relevant off-chain data, such as current and historical exchange rates in dozens of fiat and cryptographic currencies

Custom deployments for private networks are available for enterprise clients.

Casper Wallet is the go-to self-custody wallet for the Casper blockchain, designed to make it easy and secure for users to store, manage, and transfer their CSPR tokens, to interact with dapps on the Casper Network, and to sign transactions. Audited by Halborn and available for all major desktop browsers, iOS and Android.

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The Casper world at your fingertips

Casper Wallet is integrated with most decentralized applications (dApps) on the Casper Network, and automatically detects any fungible and non-fungible tokens in a user’s account. The wallet serves as a gateway to a vast ecosystem of dApps, enabling users to seamlessly interact with a range of innovative services and protocols.

View website is the easiest way to mint and gift NFTs on the Casper Network. Upload your image, video, or audio assets and start creating NFTs in seconds!

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Ease of use

No need to be developer or expert in technology to mint your NFTs, with any user can mint digital assets with three simple clicks. With a Web2 feel, users can mint and optionally publish their digital asset on, where they can showcase, auction, sell or trade it.

View website is the go-to NFT marketplace for the Casper Network. Combining user-friendly functionality with cutting-edge technology, the easy-to-use NFT market on Casper Network sets the stage for a new era of digital creativity, accessibility, and security.

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The Casper world at your fingertips

Built on the innovative Casper blockchain, the platform leverages its robust infrastructure to ensure trust, immutability, and transparency in every transaction. Smart contracts facilitate seamless and tamper-resistant ownership transfers, providing artists and collectors with peace of mind and establishing an authentic provenance for each NFT.

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Coming Soon will allow users and organizations to register <name> .cspr Web2 and Web3 “domain names”, and provides a resolution service for dapps, traditional applications and services to resolve .cspr names to resource identifiers such as public keys, or reverse-lookup the .cspr name registered for a public key on the Casper Network. With the forthcoming Web2 integration, email addresses, URLs, and other Web2 resources can be resolved through traditional DNS.

Read More registrations will be non-fungible tokens and therefore can be transferred between accounts (including through trade on marketplaces), and correlation can also be verified on-chain.
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